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Which characters profiles should I start drawing next for my art project?
13 deviants said The oldies? (The old characters).
10 deviants said The newbies? (The new characters).
Have you tried out the new Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire demo for the 3DS? :la:
25 deviants said No, I haven't.
9 deviants said I don't own a 3DS.
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Are you going to celebrate halloween this year?
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13 deviants said No.
Luigi by Maklods
Now for the fourth character from my huge project, I'm sure you've heard of the guy a lot because of how much I like this character, and yes... It's none other than Green Mario! (I'm only joking), I meant to say Luigi of course, but y'know, I couldn't help it. The most epic sidekick of them all. Now with Luigi, you all know he is always around wherever Mario is, and that is the case in this game as well except the thing is that Mario and Luigi aren't together at first this time. They find each other in the game a bit later than expected. But don't worry, Luigi is there to serve as a character who has the comedic effect and also for his brilliant acting as well. No matter where they go, Luigi will always be there. But either way, the thing about Luigi that makes him different from the others is that, he's role in the project/game is that he doesn't really have a goal, he's just there because everyone else is. And whatever the others may do, Luigi does it as well. So that's why he has his own weapon to join alongside the group, but you may think that his weapon is useless compared to the others. The funny thing is that, his wrench is actually a very good weapon in different ways compared to the others. So he's not entirely defenceless. Oh and also his weapon is just made-up. I thought of it, because I noticed he used one in Super Mario 3D World. So I decided to give him that weapon.

Character Bio #04
Name: Luigi
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 168cm/5'5ft
Weight: 50.9kg/112.2lbs
Orgin: Mario Bros
Occupation: Plumber
Weapon of choice: Wrench
Personality: Luigi is the fourth one in the group. He's the most funniest of them all, mainly because he's so clumsy and scared all the time. But who can blame him, he's going in an adventure where he has no idea about the adventure itself, and where they are headed. But the good thing about Luigi is that he's always tagging along the group no matter what. Even if he's scared and a coward most of the time. Luigi also has a funny personality, where he always ends up doing quirky things without even realising it. And at times he can even be very helpful, whether he wants to or not. Not to mention where Mario goes, Luigi follows. Luigi is very smart at times but he is also very stupid, and it's not because he's clumsy, it's actually because he's suppose to be funny. By the way he also has a good relationship with Marley, that's because they both share the humour and the fact that both of them are sidekicks.
Mario by Maklods
Now for the third character from my huge project, you all know about him. And like he always says it's a me-MARIO! Now who would've guessed that Mario would be in a game regarding Stanley and Donkey Kong...
Well I can tell you that, without Mario in the game. There would be no point of this project because he is a big character that always needs to be there whenever it's about anything.
He is the face of video games and without him, it wouldn't be the same. Not to mention I always think of Mario, Stanley and Donkey Kong as a trinity together, sorta like the Legend of Zelda with the triforce. With Link being courageous, Ganondorf being the powerful one and Zelda being the character with wisdom. Same logic goes with those three in my project, believe it or not (and no I did not steal an idea from the Zelda franchise, so don't start with that). Now the thing with Mario in this project is that he's not actually the first player you control as, he is actually the third player. Reason for that is because the game isn't entirely about him, it's actually more about Stanley and other characters whom I have not revealed yet... But before I finish off my sentence. I just wanted to say that his hammer is actually the model of the first hammer from Mario's first appearance, which is Donkey Kong.

Character Bio #03

Name: Mario
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 165cm/5'4ft
Weight: 54.1kg/119.2lbs
Orgin: Donkey Kong 
Occupation: Plumber
Weapon of choice: Hammer
Personality: Mario is the third one of the group, he gets along with everyone fairly and he's an overall good guy but at times, when things don't go as planned he can become angry or upset. And also Mario is always determined when it comes to his goals, no matter what happeneds. He will always be on guard and be the very best. Also Mario has no phobias or fears, he's courageous and determined most of the time. Mario has also a very short fuse, but that's because most of the time he wants to focus on the mission and nothing else. He also thinks of the safety of his friends and loved ones and do not want to see any of them in harm. Not to mention, the rewards and the execution of his missions don't matter to him, as long as he gets the job done he is happy. Also his relationship he has with Stanley is kinda in between. He and Stanley can get along but at times they can become each others rival. I guess, that's only because they're different from each other, but kind of the same as well. One more thing... Mario and Donkey Kong has quite a history together, they just can't get along for some reason. 
Oh where do I start with this one, well as starters I guess you could say that I haven't really been a deviantart member for 14 years.
In fact I believe I actually started my deviantart account back when I was in highschool. (My goodness, time sure flies by fast).
I remember during my artclass I was so interested in drawing and I always wanted to make my own, so I decided to look up art on Google and that's when I came across Deviantart. But since I always compared myself and my art to the other artists that I saw on deviantart.

I kinda felt like I didn't belong there, they had such amazing artstyles that I adored, appreciated and most of all, that I respected.
But I thought I had to start somewhere and since I had a good passion and motivation for it, I made myself a Deviantart account, it was back in 2008 I believe.
And it wasn't this account as you guys are seeing right now. It was actually a different account I started with, I remember I had an obsession with cartoons and pairings.
So I thought of Sonic X and the Super Mario Bros Super Show, and those pairings were TailsXCosmo and LuigiXDaisy. I don't remember why I came up with a weird username like that, but I was young. And when people are young the mostly make mistakes over and over. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how I made up this account. Well long story short, I actually forgot the password on my old account, so I decided to make a new one.
And since I had no idea what username to pick. I decided to make up things and I ended up picking "Maklods" as my final choice, don't ask me why I did it.
I just did...I am weird like that. And from there on I have contributed a lot from the past until now, and I have to be honest. I am surprised I actually made it this far. 
I believe it was actually the friends and artists that I admired that made me get this far, and I wouldn't have made it myself if it wasn't for them. So I'm happy for that. 
To be honest, I actually hope I come even further and perhaps evolve my art into something better and something unique compared to other artists.
I want to make it to the next level. And with your support, I can make it possible. Thank you everyone.
Here's a few old pictures that I included as well. Which I will give a few small descriptions about in each picture.
Gift art for xXWTHXx by Maklods

Here's an old picture I made for a friend of mine, I actually included this picture,
because it was actually something I remember doing a long while ago.
I had fond memories actually doing this picture for this friend of mine.

Baby luigi with a Chomp by Maklods

Here's another one, and to be honest I'm actually surprised about this picture. Because it's the most favourited one according to my deviantart statistics...
Which is a surprise because I did not expect to see this picture end up being one of my most popular pictures.
But I'll be honest, I actually had a lot of fun making this picture because Baby Luigi is actually one of my favourite characters in the franchise.
Which is why I included this picture.

Giftart for Luigiuser by Maklods

This picture is actually a giftart I made for a friend,
it was a long time ago I posted this and I believe the reason why,
I included this picture was because I actually love Daisy as a character.
At least I love her the most when it comes to the female Nintendo characters.
And I included this picture because I remember I had a good time when I drew this picture.

Stanley the Bugman by Maklods

Finally some art with colour, am I right? Nah just kidding.
I actually loved making this picture because it is actually a project I am working on about this certain character.
And I decided to include this picture because it was actually a very nice picture (with colours).
That I had in my art collection.

Marley by Maklods

Here's actually another picture with colour, this picture is actually my own original character.
I included him in because I had to, without him I wouldn't have any picture of my own creations.
Because most of my pictures are basically fanart. And since this character is my own,
it doesn't technically count as fanart. But rather than my own art.
Either way I included this picture cause I love the character and the picture. 
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