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Hello there, long time no see. I know it has been a long while since I last posted a journal and I'd like to apologize for that, I said I was going to take a break before but I never did. Instead I did the total opposite of what I promised. Which in short, makes me a double crossing liar. But take it granted, seeing how I actually lied about something else as well.
You see lately, I've thought about something in particular I had planned for a while now.

And that is...
Nintendo's whole ideal of making a character have his or her own year, that is in fact a nice idea.
I've always thought of Nintendo paying attention to a certain character and giving that character the spotlight he or she deserves. And in this case, Luigi has his 30th anniversary last year. And I actually enjoyed it, I bought almost everything that was avaliable during his year, unfortunately I did not exactly get everything, but I got a good chunk of the games that were released during the year of Luigi. Either way, aside from that I have a feeling that Nintendo will keep up with this idea to sell more units of both 3DS and the Wii U. In any case, most people are wondering which character will be next to have an entire year dedicated for them. The majority of the people guessing, is that they think it is the year of Yoshi. While I don't have any problem with that character, I do think there should be someone else that deserves the recognition they haven't had before. And whether it turns out to be Yoshi's year or not. I won't have a problem with it.

I actually had a plan myself, to think of a certain character that I think deserves more respect and attention, now in most cases. People are not familiar with this character, he's been a neglected character for almost 30 years. And speaking of which this character technically turns 30 years old this year, if you count his first appearance in the NES. 
He was born in a game (which I wouldn't consider a Mario game, but rather a Donkey Kong/that character's name game). But still he's appeared in Mario's universe so he sorta counts as a Mario character. But the funny thing is that he has never met Mario before. So I guess, you could say that they barely know each other. 

Either way, I'm sure you're eager to know which character I'm talking about. But before I tell you, let me just describe a backstory of the character's orgin.
He made his first appearance in Greenhouse, it is a Game & Watch game that was released in 1982. A year after that he made an appearance in his own game called Donkey Kong 3. It was first released as an arcade cabin in 1983 and it was the same year which the other arcade game called Mario Bros was released.
And a year after Nintendo ported the game to their first console which was the NES and it was released in Japan in July 4th 1984. (Quite ironic how it's the same day as the american national day). Anyways, it was released on the NES later in Europe, it released in September 15th 1987.
So you might wonder, which character am I talking about?

Well I'll tell you, I am in fact talking about the most neglected, forgotten, rejected, ignored and least liked character of them all.
Stanley The Bugman or Stanley for short. Now I know most of you don't agree with anything I said about him, but I beg to differ.
You see Stanley has never ever been bought back as a character in any recent Mario or Donkey Kong games as of date. Sure he's made a few cameos here and there, but that doesn't center to the fact that Nintendo never plans to bring back this character to any of their games. And I won't count rashing old games like Game & Watch and Donkey Kong 3. Since they are in fact old games and not new. But yeah, that's the character I want Nintendo to make a special year out of.
You might say, but wait a minute what will he be celebrating exactly? Well, I'm glad you asked, cause I'll tell you right now. 
Remember what I said a few sentences ago when I listed the release date of the NES game of Donkey Kong 3? In what year was the game released in Japan?
That's right, it was released in 1984 and that is the year that Stanley made his first appearance on the NES and it would also indicate. That the game Stanley was in celebrates the 30th anniversary. And that my friend is why I want Stanley The Bugman to be the next character to celebrate his year. 

Now either way, whether it turns out to be his year or not. I won't deny the fact that he is in fact the most neglect, most forgotten, most rejected character of them all.
Anyways with that said, I actually have something else I'd to tell you guys. I actually said I lied about something else as well.
You see I said I would never ever draw in deviantart again. Well I lied...You see, I've actually thought about it for a while and with this whole ideal of seeing a character having a year. I'd like to make my own ideas and share them with you guys. I actually have thought of my own game which I want Nintendo to see, so they can hire me and perhaps make it possible for everyone to enjoy. But chances are, it's likely never going to happen. Knowing that I have no experience of making any games, any music or any good art. I can never see it happen. However I have ideas, I'd like to share and perhaps I could also draw for you guys as well. So you can see what kind of ideas I have, that I would like to share with you.
However I won't share every detail of my fanmade game (since there might be people out there who will steal my ideas and use it for themselves), but I'll still share some information at least. I've actually made my own characters, my own story and many other things as well. 

But I'll let you guys decide whether you want me to post art and descriptions of my game or not. Keep in mind that the game is centered around Stanley The Bugman. (Y'know my most favourite character of them all?).
Oh and one more thing, if you guys do want me to post art and share my ideas. I'd like to have a little help with certain things about that.
You see, I'm very bad with coming up with names for characters, so if you wish to help and give me ideas of cool names, I'd be glad to accept them.
And I'll also give you credit for it as well. Since you are in fact important to this project of mine. Because without your help, I won't be able to make the game become better than what it is now. Now at the moment, I've had a little help with a couple of names for a few certain characters in my game by a friend of mine. He's a very cool guy and I'm actually happy that he sticks by my side most of the time. Now if I was actually hired to Nintendo, to make this game. I'd actually tell them to hire my friends as well. Because without them, I wouldn't make the game possible. So please, if you wish to comment saying anything at all, I'd like to hear it. Because it's better to say something then to say nothing at all. That is something I've been taught. 

Either way, thanks for reading this journal and I hope you have a wonderful day.
(Oh and by the way before I forget. My birthday wasn't as great as I'd hope it to be. 
At least it was awesome thanks to you guys. You were there for me when I needed you guys the most.
So I'd like to thank you for that, and also just so you know I wouldn't be happy without you guys. Thanks a lot).
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