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I need your help fellow reader, I would gladly enjoy it, if you helped me reach my goal, which is 5000 points. But no matter what amount you give, I'd still appreciate the support. So 1 Point can mean anything to me. So help me out and try to make me achieve this goal.

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Here's a special present for you! by Maklods
Here's a special present for you!
I came up with a great idea to surprise both my friends and supporters. 
While I have done this idea before, back in last year.
This year I decided to give it a bit of a twist and add something more to the picture.
And what better way to express my thankfulness than a whole art piece devoted to you all? 
I hope this will be enough to show my appreciation, without a single doubt, you have all earned it.
And not to mention, all you wonderful people that actually made me something beforehand, I feel as if you guys deserve something as well, for all your hard work.

Also if you can't read what it says on the picture, here's a paragragh to explain what it says in the picture.
"While today is my birthday,
I'd like to give you all something as a token of my appreciation.
Thank you."

Oh and by the way, I almost forgot, this is actually my second Miiverse post I posted on deviantArt. 
I've been considering adding more picture but in due time, I will eventually...
It's just in a matter of motivation and patience  I guess. ^^;

PS: That's actually Stanley the Bugman who's holding the present in the picture that he's about to give you, just so you know.
And before you comment about the character on the left with a question mark, that's supposively a character I made to represent you.
Now the character may not look that interesting, in fact it kinda looks like a Kirby clone if you ask me, I added it in the picture just because it was something I thought would add more depth to the picture,
while this thing looks like a boy I can assure you, it's genderless. Meaning it can be both a boy and a girl, since most of my friends are both genders. I thought it'd be fair for everyone. Oh and last thing, the creature I made was a reference from this picture.…

That's all I've got to say. Thanks once again and I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the day. :D
Present for SuperLakitu by Maklods
Present for SuperLakitu
Now here's a surprise this is actually present that was made for :iconsuperlakitu:.
Now with this picture I actually decided to make a picture of himself and include several of his oc's but since I was out of time and I had no space to draw the rest.
So I apologise in advance, now this picture was meant for my friend who had his knee kind of busted.
Ah well, I decided to go with himself and draw him the way he looks. Now it's not the same wasy he draws, but I guess that's what makes us different from each other.
And before anyone begins, no that is not Steven Universe and no that is not me. We're two different individuals and Steven Universe is just a fictional character.
So yeah, also one more thing I think my overall design I gave him, kinda fits him, it's a mixture of all colours, sort of.
And that's good. :)
Present for Grellfrape by Maklods
Present for Grellfrape
Now here's a surprise this is actually present that was made for :icongrellfrape:.
I decided to draw a simple picture of a hedgehog when an open mouth smiling, and while doing that. I kinda messed up his face.
Although it wasn't that bad now that I look at it, it was still very decent and alright when I first started it.
And well who could say no to a hedgehog, I mean look at that little buggah. He's so cute.  :3
So anyways, I hope you like it. :D
Hello there guys, it's been a while. Now first things first.
I know I messed up and broke my promise once again regarding posting the pictures before September, and I terribly sorry about that, I guess I'm a guy that you could call...
a lousy deal breaker, and I do agree on that part.
But either way, I finally finished my pictures and I have no more things to add regarding that, I do however plan to share some news with you guys but before I do that,

I'll briefly explain of the people that still have not finished their parts of the art-trades, now I understand the pressure on me was to the extreme. And I got myself in a lot of trouble because of that.
But in this regard, I'll allow you guys to draw in your own pace, I'm not pushing anyone or forcing you guys to post on a deadline.
So feel free to draw as you like, oh and for those who haven't gotten any details of their part, I do apologise. But I'll try and send a note in case you are in need of such details.
And that's that.

Now onto the next part, the following pictures from now on will no longer be drawn in my sketch pad. I plan to change my ways of drawing art by using my game pad. So from here on out I will post both my art on Miiverse as well as my art from art academy sketch-pad, however...I still need to understand how to use that software before I get into any projects.
So I hope you guys understand and also, in case people are going to miss my old pictures, don't worry. I'll make sure to make a folder just for those pictures (even though they look extremely bad). 
And with that said, I finally conclude this journal and I wish you all a great day. :D

I finally finished these pictures and I have now put them for display for people to watch and enjoy. 

And here's the list of following people that I owe drawings for.
And if I happen to break that promise, you have all the right to get mad at me since I did not make it in time.

(This list will also be updated in a few days to show my parts as well as some of their parts for each art-trade.) 

Star! UPDATED! Star! NOW COMPLETED!!! :hooray:
1. Me and her close by a fireplace for :iconchubbythecat101: (Progress 100% Bullet; Green
(Still missing their part of the trade) (My part will be uploaded soon)
2. Luigi and Daisy together as a couple for :iconbveanikas: (Progress 100% :bulletgreen:
(Still missing their part of the trade) (My part will be uploaded soon)
3. Blue Pikmin and Yellow Pikmin for :iconajwilliams1107: (Progress 100% Bullet; Green)
(This is her part of the art-trade Mario, Donkey Kong, and Stanley! (commission) by AJWilliams1107)
4. One of her own oc's for :iconburning-sapphire: (Progress 100% Bullet; Green)
(Still missing their part of the trade) (My part will be uploaded soon)
5. Ice Climbers with a present from a christmas tree for :iconinkilng: (Progress 100% :bulletgreen:)
(Still missing their part of the trade) (My part will be uploaded soon)
6. An interpretation of a Waluigi game for :iconsamthelily: (Progress 100% :bulletgreen:)
(This is her part of the art-trade Gotta Bug and Snap Em' by Samthelily) (My part will be uploaded soon)
7. Gear Jam pestering Seth for :iconultimatestudios: (Progress 100% :bulletgreen:)
(This is his part of the art-trade Extermination Bros. by UltimateStudios) (My part will be uploaded soon)
8. Starlow and Prince Dreambert together for :iconanimanga-cece: (Progress 100% :bulletgreen:
(Still missing their part of the trade) (My part will be uploaded soon)
9. Vanessa the human for :iconrainbow000pegasus: (Progress 100% :bulletgreen:
(Still missing their part of the trade) (My part will be uploaded soon)
10. Mario and Peach together as a couple for :iconhellamonetza: (Progress 100% :bulletgreen:
(Still missing their part of the trade) (My part will be uploaded soon)
11. Mangle the Fox for :iconfoxybonnygirlssss: (Progress 100% :bulletgreen:
(Still missing their part of the trade) (My part will be uploaded soon)
12. Purpleful Princess Hope for :iconscouteaglelovect: (Progress 100% :bulletgreen:
(Still missing their part of the trade) (My part will be uploaded soon)
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Stanley for DLC :D

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