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Hey there, it's been a while since my last journal. A lot of things has been going with me lately and I haven't had the time to do anything lately.
But either way I'm here now and I will share a few details and ideas that I've been doing these past months
(even though I've been pretty occupied with things in life most of the time) It's nothing special really, I've just had a rough year.
But I'll keep on fighting, no worries.
Now where do I start...

Ok, first off. I'd like to thank everyone who participated with helping me with my project before,
I'm really glad to have everyone's support with this project. And I am deeply thankful for it too. 
I've been working on it a lot lately and I can tell you for sure that it's going just as planned. 
There's just a couple of things I have yet to finish, first off the story which will play along a big role in the project itself.
And secondly I haven't worked on with the entire cast of characters yet which means designing, giving them a unique personality
and a interesting specialties that makes them branch off from the heroes/villians so they won't be considered clones of each other.
And also I'm thinking of what game modes I should be putting in, in the entire game as of whole. Because I'm sure just a story mode wouldn't be enough.
People crave for more when it comes to action/adventure games. So you know, I've gotta work on that as well before I can move to the next thing.
Speaking of which before I spare the details about each character in the game. 

I gotta make an announcement first. I have actually been thinking lately since Stanley's japanese birthday is just closer than a month away. It will be in 4th July and that is exactly when Stanley turns 30 years old and I thought what better way to celebrate for that day then to do something special for good ol' Stanley? 
So I have decided that I will actually hold a contest that will be all about Stanley and perhaps certain other characters too who will be a part in his birthday.
Since there can't be a birthday without friends along right? (It kinda sounds silly once you think about it, but y'know it's actually funny as well).
So you may wonder what the contest is about and what the prizes are?
Well to explain briefly the contest is about Stanley's 30th anniversary which is in 4th July (japanese date). His game was released in 1984 which is 30 years from now, and thus I thought it's best to hold this contest either now or never. And the details are simple, all you have to draw is a picture of Stanley when he celebrates his 30th anniversary.

In case you don't know what Stanley the bugman looks like, here's a picture of his modern design:…

You can draw him in his classic design as well, which looks like this:…

But I would prefer it if it was his modern design instead.
You could include other support characters as well in the picture with Stanley but it's not mandatory. And these characters are listed from, Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong.Jr, Pauline and maybe my self-made original character. You could also include my own character as well, a partner to Stanley in my project which I have been working on. I haven't yet posted how his design looks like, but I might do it eventually. Since I always thought it'd be nice to see Stanley actually have a partner with him, just like Mario has Luigi and Donkey Kong has Donkey Kong Jr. (And yes I am aware of the time period where the original DK is Cranky Kong and Donkey Kong Jr is the new Donkey Kong). But the contest doesn't have anything to do with that. So just draw them as they used to look in their own designs from the Donkey Kong trilogy on the NES. But as I said before, it's not mandatory to include them since the contest is purely about Stanley, but it'd be nice to see him have company.

Let me repeat the rules of the contest so I won't make people confused.
:star: The contest is about Stanley the Bugman celebrating his 30th anniversary this year.:star:
Rules are simple, all you need to do is to draw a picture of Stanley the Bugman either in his classic form or his modern form.
But I would prefer if it was his modern form rather than his classic form.
You can include other characters on the picture as well alongside Stanley the Bugman.
Keep in mind you can actually get bonus points if you include a few more characters in the picture.
The characters you can include are listed below: 
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong.Jr
And Marley (My own original character)
Here's a picture of him in case you'd like to see what he looks like. 
Marley by Maklods
You may be wondering why I actually included Marley in the list since he isn't Nintendo's property. I'll briefly explain why I included him on the list.
The reason why I included him in the list is because Stanley the Bugman is in the need of a partner which all of the other characters got,
therefore I decided to make one my own since Nintendo hasn't actually created a character that is Stanley's partner.
And that is why I included him in the list.

But either way, the prizes are in the contest will be categorized in a way, that is a bit different than any other contest.
There will be 4 types of prizes these prizes are as follows:
:star: The first place winner will recieve a Premium Membership.:star:
:star: The second winner will recieve 20 points.:star:
:star: The third winner will recieve a free request by me.:star:
:star: And those who doesn't win, will get a consolation prize made by me.:star: (Speaking of which, I am actually working with it right now). 

I actually decided to include a consolation prize to everyone who entered the contest. So that they won't feel that all their hard work were put to waste.
I actually think it's best to award those who participate in the contest as well.
So to those people who doesn't win the contest just keep in mind that I will make a consolation prize to make it fair for everyone who joins.

Here are the entries so far.

The Year of Stanley by Aso-Designer Made by :iconaso-designer:
Stanley The Bugman (Contest Entry) by FieryHotGirl2 Made by :iconfieryhotgirl2:
Mutual Respects by LowellxArts Made by :iconlowellxarts:
Stanley's 3D World - Contest entry by MarkProductions Made by :iconmarkproductions:
Bugman by Elsira Made by :iconelsira:
Happy BirthDay Stanley by GSVProductions Made by :icongsvproductions:
I don't know by Vivannsa Made by :iconvivannsa:
Stanley and Marley (Contest Entry) by Nimiatse Made by :iconnimiatse:
maklods contest by mio-san13 Made by :iconmio-san13:
Contest Entry by XxTopazJazzxX Made by :iconxxtopazjazzxx:
Stanley the Bugman by Pulcettina96 Made by :iconpulcettina96:
Contest entry. by ReereeandWally101 Made by :iconreereeandwally101:
Stanley the Bugman (Contest Entry) by EmoIgii Made by :iconemoigii:
They Remember me.... by katiekatie555 Made by :iconkatiekatie555:
Stanley (Pauline&Marley) by IAmTooLazyToMakeOne Made by :iconiamtoolazytomakeone:
Stanley by Titeufii Made by :icontiteufii:
Happy Birthday Stanley! by BveanikaS Made by :iconbveanikas:
Stanley Contest Entry by Retro8it Made by :iconretro8it:
Contest Entry. :D by Nero--Neko Made by :iconnero--neko:
 Keep in mind that there's a small amount of time left, so if anything you definately need to hurry in case you want to join. In case you would like to know the deadline, it is written a bit further down in this journal.

Most of the ones that answered this question told me it'd be better if I worked on the full character illustrations.
So therefore I have decided I will just do that instead of small several sketches of a character. 
And not to mention, you might be wondering how many I will be making and how far I have progressed well...
That is a good question,
at the moment I've finished 2 characters out of...22 characters.
Damn I need to start working harder to finish all of them, and keep in mind I'm including the side characters as well. 
So there's a long way to go, but hopefully (not sure about this) I might be able to finish this before the end of this year. 
And that'll be a goal to achieve at least.

But aside from that, I think I've said everything I needed to say. Oh right, I almost forgot. 
The deadline of the contest ends at 3rd July 25th July. I've actually decided to delay this contest a bit further. Since there's quite a lot of people that didn't actually like the date I put in the journal. So I thought that I should delay it a bit further to make it up to them. So more people can join. 
And just to spice thing up a little, I will actually draw a picture myself that is about his 30th anniversary.
However I will not enter the contest since it wouldn't really make much sense. Plus my art isn't that good so I'm sure I wouldn't be able to win even if I wanted to join. Because contests have to be judged by fair and simple rules. Everyone should just draw and have fun while they're doing it. And no one should cheat because that would ruin the fun in it all. But either way, hope you all are eager to join my contest, I usually never do contests at all. So it's actually a priviliage to announce something new every once in a while.

Here's a list of awesome artists and friends that I'd like to give credit to because they have helped me out around the years and I am very thankful to have these kinds of people by my side, because without them I don't know how I would keep going with my deviantart account and how I'd continue with my interest in art.
Now here goes...
And last but not least, YOU of course! 

Be sure to check out their channels, they are incredibly awesome and they have amazing art and other cool stuff as well!
I apologize in advance if people find it annoying that they keep receiving mentions from me and do not wish to be disturbed. I completely understand your frustration and I will try to remember not to do it again next time I post something. So please forgive me. ^^;
(Also if you didn't happen to be on this list, I apologize in advance. I might include you later on, but you have to comment or note me in order for me to know that you want to be included as well).
Now that's all for me for this time, I will be updating often to people that sends a entry of their art for this contest, and I will also update this journal if people wants to have a mention in my awesome artists/friends list, however I will do at the same time once people enter the contest and post their entrys. So it won't be repedetive and annoying once the others that are on the list get a lot of mentions all the time. I don't want to make it sound like I'm spamming them. Those are not my intentions at all. Just saying... ^^;

Thank you so much for reading and have a very nice day! :D
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